CPE Shoes Cover

- Light, breathable dustproof and waterproof. - Suited to hospital, food processing, manufacturing, construction and hygienic applications & daily use. - Sanitation and quality in accordance with the ISO standards.  

ESD Fabric and Apparel

  - High quality conductive fiber assume the excellent anti-static performance
- Special polyester long fiber tread - Passed 52 times washing test - Various pattern and style along market needs

ESD SPU Slipper (JY-108)

a super anti-slip effect, reduce the human body electrostatic charge, wearing more comfortable and soft high elasticity is well applied require prolonged standing operating area in Work Assembling electronic components, assembling automotive parts, Pharmaceutical, Inspection of medicine and food processing, Etc.  

Face Mask 4 Ply with Carbon

  -    Superior Protection, exceeding 98.5% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) inside sheet   -  Excellent breathability and comfortable ear loop   -  Fluid resistant, soft inner cover


-       Cleanroom laundered and packaged in ISO Class 5, it is ideal for critical environment application.        It exhibits low particle generation.        Abrasion and Chemical Resistant and good Sorbency with Solvents.        Non-abrasive texture, cleans surfaces without scratching.


White nylon white polyurethane palm & top coated gloves provide excellent protection against cut and abrasion, washable and reuse, To manufacture under CE Certified.


With specially treated adhesives being coated evenly on the surfaces of sheets, sticky mats are sure to capture contaminants and prevent secondary contamination caused by adhesives.

แผ่นยางปูโต๊ะ (Table Mat)

Table Mat reduces efficiently static electricity that usually is generated in such work places as computer and electronic assembly lines,